Side step: Sunday roast at Hawksmoor restaurant, Seven Dials

7 Oct

I think it’s safe to say, the photo is enough to convince you.

At Hawksmoor, you can eat your body weight in British prime beef. With the Sunday roast, you’ll get a generous hunk of ‘pink’ or ‘well-done’ meat, a Yorkshire pud as big as your face, fluffy potatoes, buttery carrots and greens, and a whole lot of gravy.

Pretty much everyone will be ordering the roast on Sunday and as a steakhouse, Hawksmoor is all about the beef so it’s that or nothing. Look at the photo again – who really needs a choice?

At £19.50, it’s the best value for money and although it may sound a little dear, think of it as an investment. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one. You’ll be stuffed for the day.

So go on, treat yourself to meat as soft as butter. Unleash the caveman within.

Hawksmoor is also known for its extensive wine list and cocktails, and is fabulously located off Covent Garden, but I don’t really need to sell it further.

Book next Sunday’s lunch on 0207 420 9390.

Open for lunch from 12 noon to 4:30pm.

Click here for the menu.

Other branches located at Guildhall and Spitalfields.


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