Side step: play in the leaves in Green Park

21 Oct

My phone died yesterday, well temporarily, it just ran out of battery. At first I was a tad irritated, quite annoyed especially as it was a Saturday. How was I going to make all my weekend plans? How did I not foresee my crappy HTC dying so suddenly? How was I going to function??

Really it was a blessing in disguise to completely disconnect from the world. We had gone to Chinatown for lunch (OK so not completely cut off from civilisation), but decided to stroll back home through the park.

And what a DIVINE walk it was. So peaceful and tranquil, and without my phone, I felt very zen after.

I know my blog is all about getting out and seeing London, but sometimes it is just nice to escape the people traffic. So I would say get those sexy walking shoes on and frolic in the autumn leaves in Green Park. Walk, stroll, run like a gazelle – whatever. Just get outside and watch the leaves fall.


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