Side step: get stuck in to a Mexican tostada

27 Oct

Whole Foods is one of those places I wish I had space for in my day-to-day routine. If I were rich enough, I would definitely make it my regular supermarket.

For those of you who have never been, you walk in and there’s usually a demonstration going on about how raw vegetables can be popped into a blender (roots, stems, seeds and all) and bashed into a delicious breakfast smoothie. No thanks is my first reaction, but you get the picture: a health-conscious, organic and ethical supermarket that convinces you everything you eat can only do you good.

The High Street Ken branch has cooked food served upstairs, from pizzas and calzones to sushi and rice bowls. But this time I bee-lined for the Mexican. I normally give the cold shoulder to any food establishment that has pictures of their food on the menu, let alone actual prepared dishes of what you’ll get if you order this and that.

But the model tostada just yelled out to me. To be honest, probably because of its size. One tostada was as big as my face, and I have quite a round one I’ll admit, so you can imagine my excitement. You walk along the counter choosing what’s ladled on top and I went for chunks of marinated beef, wholegrain rice, black beans, red peppers, lettuce, cheese, chilli and the oh-so-fresh sour cream and guacamole.

Ironically I’d say the meal is big enough to sacrifice the actual tostada which turned out to be quite greasy, but the rest was absolutely immense.

The only annoying thing about dining there is trying to find a seat, especially on a weekend lunch. We had to do a bit of dance around the prams and families, trying to find seats, that took me back to those good old school days sans the bebes. But we eventually inched in and at £6.99 for my tostada, I was satisfied and very, very full.

Address: 63-97 Kensington High Street
Opening times: Mon-Sat, 8am-10pm. Sunday, 10am-6pm.


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