Step Five: trying to be trendy in East London

6 Nov

Edgy? Trendy? Alternative? Yeah, that’s definitely not me.

But I am a fan of street art. And walking. Cue: go on the free Alternative London Walking Tour.

This tour doesn’t need any more promotion than it gets as most people have already done it/been meaning to, or at least heard of it, and although I’m a little late to jump on this bandwagon, the tour’s still worth joining as the street art constantly changes.

You’re led round the streets of Brick Lane and Spitalfields etc. for about an hour and a half, exploring the different street artists’ styles and creations. As it’s all about the visual, I’ve posted a few photos to document the experience, but go see it for yourself in the flesh.

Mantra: when you’re walking around East London, look up, look down and look around because art’s everywhere.

The details:

Book in advance here.

Tours run almost every day, at least twice a day.

Meeting point: Brushfield Street, near Spitalfields market.

Price: pay what you like.


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