Side step: a tipi on a rooftop called WigWamBam

10 Nov

Winter warmers: hot buttered rum and spiced mulled cider

The name of this pop-up may be memorable, but the idea behind the WigWamBam bar is even more of a gimmick: a bar inside a tipi, on a Shoreditch rooftop.

After climbing quite a few flights of stairs in the Queen of Hoxton, you’ll reach not just any old rooftop, but the entrance to a tipi. Venture inside and the scene you’re faced with is fairly Pocahontas-esque: smoke billowing around and upwards out of the tipi, and a massive grill cooking burgers, sausages and meaty legs and loins.

Each day offers a different meat but it’ll either be lamb, pork, venison or wild boar. I didn’t eat but the food did look pretty good.

What I can definitely vouch for were the winter warmers. At £4.50 each, you can warm yourself up with a spiced mulled cider, a hot toddy, a hot fudge toddy or a hot buttered rum. I went for the rum and yes I did see a few pools of melted butter floating around my drink, but that just added to the deliciously creamy and festive taste.

Word of warning, the tipi does get packed quickly so arrive early or be content standing. Or, head to the outdoor deck where you can sit round a campfire and toast marshmallows under the stars, and of course make use of the outdoor bar.

WigWamBam pop-up is here until March 2013 and hosts one-off events like Bonfire night, hence the sparklers. Find the detailed programme on their Facebook page by clicking here.

Location: Queen of Hoxton, 1-5 Curtain Road.

Opening times: Monday-Saturday, 5pm-10pm.


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