Side step: view the best photojournalism of the year

10 Nov

Rebels battle for Ras Lanuf in Libya. Credit: Yuri Kozyrev.

It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas (not quite anyway). But the time to put everything into perspective.

Two years ago I was on my year abroad in Paris and stumbled across the annual World Press Photo Exhibition. It was a harrowing collection of photos taken from around the world that documented the year’s landmarks, be it disasters, scandals and contemporary issues that were captured by award-winning photojournalists.

The experience was so moving I went back twice. It shakes you out of your routine and puts everything into perspective.

This year’s collection focused on those hard-to-forget moments of 2011, with disturbing images that included demonstrators in Tahrir Square, Colonel Gaddafi’s corpse on a mattress, the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and butchered victims of Mexico’s drug cartels, abandoned on the side of the road.

Not all photos are ‘doom and gloom’. There are some light-hearted ones, but the majority tell a depressing story and fall into the category, ‘see it to believe it’.

The exhibition just opened at Southbank Centre in London yesterday, and will stay until 27th November before touring other countries. It may not be the cheeriest of visits, but definitely worth going to, to admire the work of courageous photojournalists (some of whom died doing their work), and to remember and reflect.

As expected it wasn’t appropriate to take photos, so I don’t have any of my own to post, but click here to view more.


Location: Royal Festival Hall, Southbank.

Price: free admission.

Opening times: daily from 10am-10pm.


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