Side step: get a free facial from Ainhoa City Spa

19 Nov

Anywhere outside of Spain, my name has always been reason for ridicule or comedy. It’s pronounced i-no-a, but because of its bizarre Basque spelling I’ve endured several ‘jokes’ and ‘teases’ from an early age.

The most wicked was probably from my sisters, who, after making me cry, would mimic me and therefore make me cry even harder: ‘I know waaaaaaaaaaaah.’ Thanks guys, kick me while I’m down.

I’ve also been called a Ho (ain-Ho-a) and gone round in circles with people asking, “Yes, I know you know her. But what’s her name?”

So, when my friend told me about the recently-opened pop-up shop, Ainhoa City Spa, I couldn’t quite believe him. I double-checked it was spelt the same way and went online to find out more. Ta-da: Ainhoa had reached England!

The boutique spa originates from Barcelona (of course) and sells luxury skincare products with ingredients such as gold, diamonds and caviar.

As part of its soft launch in the UK, Ainhoa is offering free express facials for everyone, not just those blessed with my beautiful name. The offer runs throughout November and December. You just have to ring up and book in advance. Apparently I have dry skin, so was treated to a caviar face mask which was divine.

Well, I can think of worse things to do with my name.

Location: Grand Terrace at St Pancras International station.

Opening times: 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.

Book in advance on 020 7843 7683.

To see Ainhoa’s products, click here.


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