Side step: is this the world’s smallest cupcake?

8 Feb

Oh hi! Thanks for visiting my blog again.

I’ve just come back from the Philippines where it was hot, hot, hot. As soon as I landed, I admit I wanted to fly straight back. Not because of the Big Smoke itself, but the iceberg conditions I’d have to endure. I didn’t have a coat, having not packed one for the tropical heat, I was tired from travelling 24 hours straight, and now had to drag my 25kg suitcase filled with dried mangoes out of gluttony, along the Piccadilly line.

Naturally I questioned my state of mind. “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?” I screamed (in my head).

But then I got home, and there was an itsy-bitsy treat waiting for me. I ate it in two bites, and the world was a better place.


Now usually I wouldn’t blog about cupcakes (they’re a little passé, a mon avis), but these ones were just too diddy to miss.

Storm in a Cupcake is a fairytale-like shop in Chelsea that looks like a cut-out from a Disney movie. They sell cupcakes, as the name suggests, but only on Saturday mornings. Not trying to be elusive or anything.

So if you want your sugar fix any other day of the week, you have to order online and either pick them up in store or have them delivered.

To check out their boxes and order online, click here. Or visit the store at 42 Cremorne Rd, SW10 0PE.

Disclaimer: these mini treats are worth getting more for the novelty than the taste. I had a vanilla one, and it was good, but its cute size was the winning factor. 



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