Side step: good old Patty and Bun burgers

9 Feb


Burger bars have taken over London, from street food stalls to cool pop-ups to established favourites. I’ve always been a Byron girl, and have made it my mission to visit every branch and collect their playing cards. So far I’m on 8…out of 27. It’s a slow process, and has been made even slower by the many other burger distractions in the city.

Cue, Patty and Bun restaurant.

This small, friendly joint just opened a few months ago but has already accumulated a flock of followers. Being the typical chilled-out burger bar, Patty and Bun just wants to serve you ultimate comfort food by waiters who act like they’ve known you forever.

They don’t do reservations, so we strategically planned to go after the lunch rush. No such luck. There always is, and always will be, a queue. We waited a freezing 45 minutes to get in and when we did, ended up sharing the table with another party. It’s that kind of place, where everyone’s your friend and they’re just there for one thing: to eat a damn-good, tasty burger. No fuss, no frills, to the extent that they don’t serve on plates.

The menu’s what you’d expect – you can get a classic cheeseburger, chili chorizo relish burger, chicken burger, lamb burger and Portobello mushroom one. They come neatly wrapped in paper and the rosemary-salted chips come in polystyrene cups.


The Ari-Gold cheeseburger was worth it. Nice and juicy, it was stacked pretty high with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and home-made smokey mayo. And just the right amount of grease. The brioche bun was also fresh and airy.

Overall it was a little messy to eat – not good date food – but no one cares about appearances here. It’s all about the buzzy atmosphere and the great tunes. And of course, the tasty, home-made patties.


Burgers on average cost around £8 and sides at £3.

If you don’t fancy the wait in the cold, you can get take-away too.

The details:

Location: 54 James Street, Bond Street tube.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon-10/11pm. Closed Mondays.


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