Step Ten: I want to live in this museum

19 Feb


I will try to be as brief as possible…because from my experience when I’ve said “I’ve just found a really cool museum,” I often don’t get a positive response/any response. But I will do my best to convince you why the Wallace Collection is worth a visit.

And perhaps even enlighten you to its existence.

(Please don’t click the back button now).

  1. The museum itself is absolutely gorgeous. None of that modern/contemporary art clinical whiteness. It’s a historic London town house that belonged to Sir Richard and Lady Wallace, and each room is a different colour and pure luxury – chandeliers, high ceilings, winding staircases, big windows, curtains that match the wallpaper but not in a distasteful way. Rooms called The Landing and The Oval Room etc. etc.  The works.
  2. All the art was collected from the 18th and 19th centuries, from four different Marquesses. So it’s a pretty big family collection and they didn’t really discriminate when choosing. In their 25 galleries, you can see the most random things, from tankards to table clocks to rifles to canons, and the most respected, from Rubens to Rembrandt.
  3. The modern crypt holds temporary exhibitions and Murillo’s paintings are currently on display until 12th May.
  4. There is a wicked painting of a TRUE LAD that made my day. And one of a creepy strawberry girl. (See below)
  5. It’s free entry! So if you really hate it, you can leave and go shopping on Oxford Street instead which is just down the road. But if you loved it, you can go back for the free, drop-in talks or sign up to their work shops and art classes.
  6. After the museum, you can act all civilised in their Courtyard Restaurant where culture-vulture Caz and I enjoyed a cheese platter served by an actual French lady who played the part of pushy French waitress very well. It is the perfect escape from the outside hustle and bustle and has an a la carte menu, afternoon tea, wine list and other drinks. Three cheeses for £10 to share and we were stuffed.


My conclusion: I could happily spend another three hours wandering around the museum. And I was born in the wrong time.

To check out their website for more details, click here.

The details:

Location: Hertford House, Manchester Square (just behind Selfridges). Bond Street tube.

Opening times: daily from 10am-5pm

Free admission.

TWC62579strawberry girl


One Response to “Step Ten: I want to live in this museum”

  1. Marie Hayton March 6, 2013 at 12:29 am #

    I think I’ll actually visit this, thanks!

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