Side step: eat your veggies at Food for Thought

2 Mar


Being a vegetarian in some cities can be tough. But luckily for London’s veggies, the Food for Thought café in Covent Garden has been serving up nutritious nosh for almost forty years.

It’s an easy place to miss as it doesn’t have a big entrance, and when you do get near you won’t be able to see much past the throngs of people. I only hunted it down because I’ve given up meat for Lent, so thought a veggie-friendly post was overdue.

When you go inside, you’ll instantly spot the trays of food freshly-made for the day and laid out to tempt. Take two steps forward and you’re standing at the edge of their kitchen, and two steps to the right and you’re leaning into someone’s food. The place is that cosy, or rather homey, like being in grandma’s kitchen.

You can order take-away from the counter on street level, but the main food selection and seating area is downstairs. When we arrived, the line started at the top of the stairs, even if it was past the lunch rush. But it moved quickly and when you get downstairs the staff are practised at dishing out fast.


The menu’s limited but good, and changes daily. There’s soup, quiche, amazing salads, bakes and stews for mains, and then cakes for desserts. I ordered the Italian-inspired courgette, potato, olive and aubergine stew but was tossing it up with the lentil and sweet potato bake.

And for dessert, the berry and banana mess (their kind of Eton mess), which was fruit and mascarpone on an oatmeal bed. Delicious.

Portions are hearty and wholesome and good value for the area, at around £5 to eat in. If you add the gorgeous salads on the side, you pay around £8.

Finding a seat is a bit of a fight, so prepare to share tables or walk around or up and down the stairs holding your food for a bit. Not ideal, but all part of the cramped, cosy and warm experience.


The details:

Location: 31 Neal Street, Covent Garden tube.

Opening times: everyday noon-8pm (until 5pm Sundays).

Price: £5 main dish.


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