Side step: shop off the rack for a fiver

14 Apr


This little find was quite literally a side step.

We were on our way home from Chinatown one afternoon and just for a “little fun” (wild as I am), I decided to steer us down a different street to get to the appartment. It’s hard not to miss the rack of clothing that stands alone at the top of Earlham Street, selling items for as little as a fiver.

You won’t need a lot of patience to sift through the first and second-hand clothing as it is quite literally one rack, and we left with a few gems. I bought a thin maroon blouse with an embroidered pattern and a big, cosy black cardigan that had long sleeve-esque sides that double up as a shawl. My sister bought a maroon floaty top.


(Nearly) everything for £5, some vintage, some mass-produced, and mainly from Italy and Spain according to the shopkeeper – you can’t really go wrong.

The owners set up shop whenever they fancy, and dependent on the weather.

The rest of the street has other clothing stalls, and the usual stuff you find in weekend markets a.k.a. dodgy toiletries and random mechanical parts.

Location: Earlham Street, off Shaftesbury Ave

Opening times: 11am/noon-6pm on Saturdays



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