Side step: drink tea in a Victorian loo

18 May


“The cleanest Victorian toilets you’ll find in London,” the server said, polishing the white porcelain urinals before pulling out our stools.

This was a day of firsts.

Number one, the urinals were indeed the clinically-cleanest ones I’d ever seen. Number two, we were faced with the “opportunity” to sit and drink tea at them, and as girls, actually use them.

The Attendant is one of the coolest cafés I’ve ever been to. Yes, it’s a gimmick – an underground Victorian toilet transformed into a café – but it’s also a cosy, friendly and inviting place to have tea and cake.

There are about eight urinals in total that seat one person each, and a big table at the far end for groups, so act fast and grab a urinal as the place fills up quickly.

Sticking with the toilet theme, the café is white and green-tiled and has kept the old cisterns hanging, but added dainty lamps for effect. The staff are friendly and there’s a range of food on offer, from sandwiches, salads and soups to cake, brownies and muffins.

What are you waiting for? Pop to the loo.



The details:

Location: in the basement of 27a Foley Street. Goodge Street tube.

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 8am-6pm. Sat, 10am-5pm.

To visit the website, click here.




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