Step Seventeen: rent the pedalos in Hyde Park

14 Jul

pedalos ali and jaz

Ah, British summer. The phrase should be an oxymoron, but the heat wave of late has proved me wrong, and looking at the forecast the sun is here to stay. For the next week at least.

While this glorious weather lasts, I’d recommend a pedal around the Serpentine in Hyde Park.

So it’s not quite Yacht Week, alas, and doesn’t really compare, but it was the next best thing in our hopes to recreate that week of bliss at sea.

It’s a great little experience for when the sun is shining, and was a proper feel-good-summer-take-me-back-to-my-childhood outing. And if you get two boats, you can link up, just like YW really.

group photo

Pedalos and rowing boats are available to hire from the Boathouse for a half hour or hour. We chose the half hour option as we thought it would get a little monotonous (ha-hum strenuous), but ended up going back the next day to hire the boats for a full hour, because the outing really was that fun.

The sun shone, we pedalled around the lake, got excited when cygnets swam past and had a picnic by the bridge, listening to the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys concerts playing in the distance. Bliss, away from the hustle and bustle of London.

Definitely recommend spicing up a park outing with a pedalo ride round the lake. Just don’t fall in like Jo.


The details:

Location: Boathouse, the middle of Hyde Park

Opening times: 10am-8pm

Prices: adults £10 for half an hour, £12 for an hour; children (under 15) £4 for half an hour, £5 for an hour


pedalos me and jaz


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