Side step: cocktails and stand-up comedy at Simmons

9 Sep


King’s Cross used to be an area you passed through, but in the past few months its seen a massive rejuvenation and has become a destination in itself.

While new haunts like Plum & Spilt Milk have arrived on the dining scene, and old gems like Shrimpy’s Bar pop up during the summer, there are a few rough-around-the-edges places that still have that distinctive, original King’s Cross feel about them.

Simmons Bar could be classified as one of them. We went on a Tuesday night as they do free stand-up comedy in the very dark basement, but that won’t stop you from being singled out and picked on…particularly if you arrive late.

The comedy is open to everyone and I’m going to skim over the quality in keeping with the purpose of my blog (things worth doing). As it’s open to everyone, it can be a little hit and miss (quite a bit of toilet humour in one act), and most of the audience seemed to be part of an amateur comedian gang.


So why you SHOULD GO… the cocktails come in retro tea pots, so you don’t feel that guilty for having cup after cup on a Tuesday night when they’re served out of something from granny’s kitchen. The bar also has an impressively long happy hour until 9pm on most days, including Friday, and drinks are a steal.

Simmons itself is very quirky and has mismatched decorations that all add to the retro charm – wooden school desks complete with graffiti, bunting and royal memorabilia hanging on the walls (including a photograph of Prince Charles and Diana), lampshades of all shapes and sizes lined up in no particular order, comic book strips that double up as wallpaper… oh, and you can’t miss the massive diamante disco skull that twirls from the ceiling in the middle of the room.

The music doesn’t particularly match the setting, of course, but does take you back to the 90s. Expect tunes from Shaggy, Sean Paul and the like.


The details:

Location: 32 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross tube.

Opening times: Thurs-Sat, 4pm-3am. Sun-Wed, 4pm-midnight.

Happy hour 4pm-9pm, Sun-Fri.

Prices at this happy time: Beers, wines, spirits from £2.50. Two cocktails for £10. Tea pot cocktails for £15.

To visit the website, click here.





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